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Explore Mekong Delta With Local Experience

Cái Bè Town - Vĩnh Long City - Sóc Trăng City - Bạc Liêu City - Cần Thơ City

Duration: 4 days 3 nights

Route: Hồ Chí Minh City – Cái Bè Town – Vĩnh Long City - Sóc Trăng City – Bạc Liêu City – Cần Thơ City – Hồ Chí Minh City

With the tour series named Toward the South-West, CanthoMekongExperience wishes to bring you impressive images of the generous, motherly Mekong Delta accompanied by its typical culture. Fertile alluvial from the rivers have been nurturing numerous fruitful farms year after year. The two main rivers of the delta named Tiền Giang and Hậu Giang (which mean Front River and Back River) have been supplying water for endless fresh fields spreading up to the skyline. The delta’s culture was born from and has been attached to rivers and farms, showing clearly in the busy atmosphere of the Cái Răng Floating Market or in many handicraft villages on the riversides. With their truthful, hospitable, and generous personalities, people in the South-West have embedded their own beautiful images in the hearts of tourists from every corner of the world.

Tour Details


  • Tour guide will pick you up at meeting places and head to Bến Tre City. After getting through the first-built highway of South-West Vietnam, you will stop at Mỹ Tho City to visit the Vĩnh Tràng Temple. Its architecture is the mixture of the Western and Eastern styles. Lines of slim pillars come from the Western style, and five layers of roof stand for five basic elements in Eastern philosophy.
  • The coach will continue the trip and take you to Bến Tre City, which is considered the land of coconuts. You will travel along the Bến Tre River to visit a brick-kiln, where you can watch the birth of a standard brick produced in the traditional method.
  • Visiting an aromatic-coconut farm, you will be invited to taste the coconut water smelling of pandan leaves. Aromatic coconut is a specialty of Bến Tre. This trip also gives you an opportunity to watch the production of famous products from coconuts such as coconut candies, coconut flour, and artworks from coconuts.
  • Travelling along countryside lanes and visiting a mat-making village, you will feel closer to Bến Tre people and understand much more about their lives.
  • The tour will be continued by a boat-oaring trip on a small channel. Fresh nipa leaves shade the channel sides and looking at their reflection in the clear, peaceful water. You will also have a chance to taste nipa fruit’s water for free.
  • Your night will be spent at a local house in Vĩnh Long.


  • You will leave Vĩnh Long for Sóc Trăng
  • Arriving at Sóc Trăng City, you will visit the Museum of the Kh’mer People at Sóc Trăng to learn about the typical culture of Kh’mer people who live in Sóc Trăng.
  • The next destination is Dơi Temple (the Temple of Bat). This more-than-four-century-old temple is a store of antiques and mysterious stories about strange animals in the temple.
  • You will have lunch in Sóc Trăng City. Afterward, you will be taken to Vĩnh Châu Town, in which you will visit fields of purple onions, the specialty of this area. The coach continues its trip toward Giồng Nhãn to visit the Xiêm Cán Temple, which is built in a typical Khmer’s architecture. You can also enjoy Rô băm and Dù Kê – two unique traditional folk music of the Kh’mer in the South-West (the fees for these activities are not included in the tour ticket).
  • Arriving at Bạc Liêu City, you will visit the Memorial House of Cao Văn Lầu, the father of the song Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang. Composed at the beginning of the 20th century, this song is considered the origin of Cải Lương, a famous Vietnamese musical and theatrical art. At the memorial house, you will see many objects once owned by Cao Văn Lầu, enjoy the song Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang, and have a quick and sketchy study of traditional music theory and the meanings of six sentences in the traditional song.
  • You will have dinner and spend your night at the Hồ Nam Resort.


  • D'Annam Travel will choose the Cái Răng Floating Market as your first destination in Cần Thơ, because floating markets are most typical for the river culture of people living in the Mekong Delta.
  • D'Annam Travel will also introduce you to the farming life by taking you to the Ba Cống Fruit Farm, which is famous for various typical fruits of the South-West.
  •  Walking around the old village of Long Tuyền, Tour guide will introduce you the beauty of ancient architecture in Cần Thơ that has been reserved for hundreds of years such as the old house of Bình Thuỷ, the Bình Thuỷ Communal House, and Nam Nhã Temple. Having entered many works of literature, painting, cinema and music, the names of those places have been getting out of Cần Thơ City and spread all over the country.
  • After lunch, you will start the trip back to Hồ Chí Minh City.


  • New-model, air-conditioned coach with television and karaoke during the entire tour.
  • Boat for sight-seeing
  • Two breakfasts: 40.000 VND/person/meal; three main meals: 80.000 VND/person/meal; five dishes/meal for a table
  • Hotel: 2 stars; 02-04 guests/room
  • Tour guide for information and service during the entire tour
  • Tickets for tourism destinations
  • Cold tissues and water on the way (2 tissues and 2 bottles per day)
  • Summer gifts: raincoats, bath towels, student backpacks
  • Gifts and rewards from little games
  • Accident insurance for the entire tour up to 20.000.000 VND/case


  • Out-of-plan food, drink and personal entertainment
  • Tip money for drivers and tour guides
  • Value added tax


- Child from 12 years old: an adult ticket

- Child from 6 to 11 years old: half an adult ticket

- Child under 6: a free ticket for one child under the care of two adults. If you take the tour with more than one child, please buy 2/3 of an adult ticket for each extra child (2/3 of an adult ticket includes 01 meal and 01 seat)

***Notice: The tour price could be changed according to the quantity and quality of the service required by customers

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