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Grilled snakehead fish in Mekong Delta

Grilled snakehead fish are processed by Southern farmers after work end. When men freezer, slapped fishing ponds, the woman back into the fields to pick vegetables and sauce. Fish catch up just washed, um straw that can cook in the middle of the field windy and enjoying together.

Features of Grilled snakehead fish without preliminary treatment, meaning no scaling, no scraping viscous, not eviscerate, not marinated spices. Snakehead fish caught in the river just up, washed, are regularly using a long stick from mouth to tail, after burying the fish on dry haystack on fire, then plug the stick into the ground or get covered up and burning straw until the ashes . When fish cooked, scrape off the scales were scorched layer to reveal white meat and fragrant.

In particular, the snakehead fish weighing 700-800 grams or more, if we want to cook completely, you should let the water into the mouth of the fish and then grilled, under the effect of the temperature of boiling water in the belly of the fish will do the meat was cooked perfectly, and an equally important requirement is the raw material of straw, like fish very fresh and aromatic. Grilled fish with salt and chilli dot finished removing meat, which is salt, feel the sweet, aromatic, spicy, salty grilled fish found only in the Southerners. In the Mekong Delta, Grilled snakehead fish usually serve with sauce.

When conditions permit, Grilled snakehead fish can perform on the fire embers fussy, have sprinkled onion, tamarind sauce served with cooked fish and normally roll wrapper, herbs of all kinds.

If you're in the coastal city of CanTho, head to Caloc An on Tran Van Hoai st (next to Vincom Xuan Khanh), a legendary "caloc nuong" stall where a sandwich costs 180,000 dong/ serve


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