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An Giang's 140 Year - Old Khmer Pagoda

Moi Pagoda, built by the Khmer, is situated on Road 91, 2 km from the Tinh Bien International Border Market. It is home to Theravada monks and also a place of worship for Khmer people in the Xuan Hoa residential cluster.

Its architecture is a combination of the Khmer's decorative art and the colorful designs of the Angkor culture. From its gates and roofs to interiors, there are numerous figures of birds, nymphs and Naga, the god of snakes.


The main hall has a high ceiling. An idol of the Buddha seated on a lotus is in the middle of the hall. The year of construction is recorded on a wall: 2421 in the Buddhist calendar. We are now in 2563.

Surrounding the Buddha idol are sharp sculptural details in vivid colors.

tượng phật

Inside the main hall are paintings about the life and teachings of the Buddha.


Outside the main hall, under a canopy of palm trees is a long line of towers built by Buddhist followers. The towers are in many different sizes depending on the donation made by each family.

outside hall

Chau Phol, who has been a voluntary worker here for more than 50 years, said the pagoda retains its original architecture. "We have just opened a new hall for welcoming guests and organizing festivals."

The pagoda has a lot of greenery with many kinds of trees.

Despite his limited Vietnamese, Phol often tells visitors about the history of the pagoda.


In Khmer tradition, local people and Buddhists come to the pagoda to help prepare for festivals and other special celebrations. This photo shows making of flowers for decoration during the inauguration of the pagoda's new hall.

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